The cilinder head function

The Mitsubishi cylinder head need to be very strong and rigid. A cylinder head need to withstand very high temperatures and high pressure and should not deform.
Due to the very high temperatures and pressures and the demand of retaining the shape and form of the Mitsubishi cylinder head the design is very stiff.
The cylinder head is very important to control the air flow in and out, often realized by means of a turbo charger.
In the cylinder head also the injectors are positioned to inject the diesel fuel on the right moment.
Inlet and out let valves, valve seats and camshaft  bearings have a position in the cylinder head.
Of all mayor parts the cylinder head contains more moving parts than any other part of the engine. The cylinder head contains a number of ports and the air flows along these ports to the inlet valves.
Other tracks inside the head are the channels by which the exhaust gases travel when leaving the diesel engine block.
The cylinder head is cooled by means of cooling water, this cooling water flows also true tracks and channels, together with a lot of moving parts it is a very complex part of the diesel engine. The cooling water transfers the heat of the head to the radiator.
Because the cylinder head is secured by tensile bolts and sealed with a head gasket, the need to be replaced is relatively rarely.