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Requesting or Ordering Spare Parts without knowing the part number

When requesting parts for your Mitsubishi / Isuzu industrial diesel engine, it is best to reference the engine model and serial number.
This information, together with the application use, contains the bill of material originally installed on your Mitsubishi / Isuzu engine at the time of manufacture. 
We will search for the right part based on this information and will offer / sell it to you.
 Contact us by e-mail or .

Request for parts, part number known.

Please request Spare-parts offer / order by our webshop.  
If know the part number, please fill in out in the input box.

How does it work, the self-ordering Spare Parts system?

Self-ordering is possible with a login code, this login code is available for returning customers and you need to have a delivery and payment agreement with us.

What means stock and stock EU? 

Stock means direct available, stock EU means available within one day depending on the quantity.
In the case of no stock information, please send us an email with the part nr and quantity  or  

How quick can you deliver the parts? 

Due to our very good logistic partners like DHL, Fedex, ect., we are able to ship you the parts after payment, the same day. Due to the agreement with you, we are able to deliver overnight or in a couple of days. This depends on the shipping agreement we have made with you.

How do I pay?

In case of a login in customer, payment and delivery agreement is in place. In case of a new customer, it is possible to pay by bank card

Please contact our spare part department and they will provide you with the payment link.
Of cause it is also possible to pay directly from your bank account. We are very experienced with overseas bank payments.

What are banking costs?

International banks will change you for an international payment, the fee is depending of the amount of the payment.
There is a maximum and minimum banking cost level.
 SHA (sheared) means you only pay your bank’s outgoing transfer charge.
 OUR instruction means you pay all transfer charges.

How about Insurance and packing?

Al the shipments are pack by DET her selves.
This means the maximum protection of your parts during transport.
Also we insure every shipment by our own insurance company. 

Is ex works delivery also possible?

We also offer ex works in case your like to organize your transport.
 Beware that is this solution, based on our experience, will take more transport time.
 The logistic organization hired by you will take some time to pick the package up at our site.

What is a track and trace link? 

This is a service we provide you by our shipping company.
We will send you by e-mail a track and trace link.
Klick on the link and you will see where your package is located during transport and what your estimated time of arrival (ETA) is.