About DET

Partner of Mitsubishi
Diesel Equipment Trading (DET) is an important partner of Mitsubishi. Not only are we the official distributor for Mitsubishi Equipment in the Benelux, we are also the distribution center for small engines in Europe (L- to S-series).

DET distinguishes itself through excellent service. Support goes beyond contact by phone and email, DET specialists commonly visit customers at their premises.
Also DET provides training for new customers at their premises, this is received with increasing enthusiasm.

Close to the source
Because DET operates so close to the source, it functions as an extension to Mitsubishi Turbo and Engine Europe (MTEE) in Almere.
Engines are often directly delivered to DET, allowing employees to closely follow the newest product developments. This enables DET to continuously increase its knowledge.

Short communication lines
DET maintains a unique relationship with Mitsubishi Turbo and Engine Europe (MTEE) in Almere. Apart from access to a substantial stock of engines, DET has also been granted access to the importer’s stock system. This allows DET to provide customers with quick and reliable indications of delivery time.