Mitsubishi valve

The valves of a Mitsubishi engine have an hard life,  The valves in the engine head controls the flow of incoming and outgoing (hot) gases.
In case of the use of a turbocharger, the temperature will increase and also the pressure in the cylinder, and will generate a much higher exhaust gas temperature.
So the quality of the Mitsubishi valve and Mitsubishi valve seat need to be very high, both in dimension accuracy but also in material us (titanium alloy).
The valve arrangement in an diesel engine, controls the in and out movements of charge and exhaust gases in the cylinders in tuned to the piston positions, this is located in the cylinder head.
Among the frequently used sleeve, sliding and poppet type valves. The poppet shape valve is the most common used valve, its offers light weight, high strength and a good heat transfer.